The planet we live in is full of rather intriguing places that bring millions of tourists all around the world, from one side of the globe into another, although many of those places may appear gorgeous and traditional, others may seem a bit weird, amazing or mystical, although other places could be distinctive, but only a little obscure and less known. We have decided to bring them to you ‘ve taken a peek at some of the bizarre and places around the globe


Socotra – that’s a little island or archipelago in the Indian Ocean, the biggest of the Island that’s the current Socotra is roughly 95% of the entire landmass of the archipelago, the place of the Island is 240 kilometres east of the Horn of Africa along with 380 kilometres south west of the Arabian Peninsula, Socotra is this a distinctive Island a 3rd of plants located there is located nowhere else on earth. Sometime in the 1990 s, a poll was conducted by a group of UN biologists on the archipelagos fauna and flora, it was discovered that there are almost 700 endemic species found nowhere else in the world, just Hawaii, New Caledonia, along with the Galapagos Islands have more amounts.

The latest discovery of texts in different languages, including a wooden tablet from Palmyrene dated into the 3rd century AD is an indication that shows that there are different origins of these who used Socotra as a commercial base in antiquity. In addition in the year 2001, another discovery Had Been made by a group west of Belgian speleologists west of the Socotra Karst Project, it Had Been found that deep inside a big cave about the island Socotra lies a lot of inscriptions, drawings, and archaeological objects. Further evidence showed that they were left by sailors who visited the island between the first century BC and the sixth century AD – Experts have described Socotra as the very alien-looking place on Earth. Socotra has over 40, 000 inhabitants.

Bermuda triangle

Bermuda Triangle – In addition known as the Devils Triangle, the is a region from the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean with its apexes from the vicinities of Bermuda, Miami, Florida, along with San Juan, Puerto Rico. Numerous airplane along with ships are said into have disappeared under mystical circumstances in this region – Even though you won’t find it on any official map along with you won’t know whenever cross the line along with according to US Navy, the triangle doesn’t exist and the name isn’t recognized by the US Board of Geographic .